Illuminated Bodies



(Introduction for a talk to be given at the Royal College of Art’s Architecture Programme, 17 November 2015)

It could be said that we will soon come to see that the problem of corruption has been trumped by that of transparency. Led by institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD, USAID, the Council of Europe and others, the fight against corruption, it has been said, has become a global effort. This is of course a first: never has there been a time in which transparency has been given such world-historical importance. A missionary of the unconcealed, this regime has set out to establish a unilateral global agenda to enforce the ethics of a single economic space.

Transparency is global capitalism’s answer to democracy. Depicted in shades of high Enlightenment, corruption appears as the sickness of society that ferments when allowed to languish in darkness; transparency thus…

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